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L'Eurolega Vs NBA?

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ESP - Euroleague plan NBA games

BARCELONA (Euroleague) - The Euroleague is planning to send a number of teams to the United States this summer for a series of games against NBA sides.

Although a handful of Euroleague clubs have visited the US in the last few years - most recently Maccabi Tel Aviv who beat the Toronto Raptors and narrowly lost

to the Orlando Magic last summer - those trips have been organised by individual teams.

If it goes ahead, this trip will be organised by the league as a whole.

"We are working right now on which Euroleague teams will go to the States and play against which teams," Euroleague basketball communications director Ferran Marquez told PA Sport.

Negotiations are at an early stage, but the aim of the trip is to help European clubs maximise the returns on their investments in players.

L'Eurolega sta studiando il modo di mandare alcune squadre negli USA quest'estate per una serie di incontri con le squadre NBA.


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