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Lega Adriatica: miglior quintetto

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Scrive Matiz, di Lubjiana:

<<The first lineup of adriatic leagues regular season was announced:

PG: Scoonie Penn (no surprise)

SG: Uroš Tripkovi? (... Sesar, Halperin, Conley, Ranniko, Dragi?, Vrankovi?, Vasiljevi?, Kojadinovi?, Jeretin, Lorbek and Marinovi? would deserve this more than Tripkovi?! He did an almost pathetic season.... just to mention the people that deserved this significatly more than Uroš, let alone the other 10 guards that played at approximately the same level... but I guess Tripkovi? needs some hype and attention , I especially feel sorry for Halperin and Sesar, comparing Tripkovi? to them it's a robbery. "the Balkan way" is back after 91' even at such unimportant thing as the best SG...maaaaaaaan)

SF: Milan Gurovi? (well deserved)

PF: Todor Ge?evski ...

C: Dejan Milojevi? ...>>.

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