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Direi di riportare qui quanti potremo considerare speranze del basket europeo e non....

comincio con un ragazzino brasiliano Paulo Sergio Prestes detto Paulao, un pivot di 208cm dell'88;

aggiungo quanto trasmessomi, l' inglese è abbastanza avventuroso....

"This is a great player, and goes far", cried out a torcedor in playoff semifinal of Native of São Paulo 2005. In fact, despite the little age, Paulão it scares for the size and for the courage in it squares.

With 2,08 meters of height, the athlete, of only 17 years, is a promise of the COC/Ribeirão that if became part key in the games. Its certeiro shot and its courage to face the pivots most experienced are its differentials. It is controlled from the NBA (Phoenix?) but before he would want to make one experience in Europe...of absolute value!


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