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Mondiali Giappone 2006

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Manca ancora tanto all'appuntamento ma già fioccano le news.

Erdogan probabilmente non ce la farà a causa di un infortunio, mentre Turkoglu potrebbe rinunciare....



TUR - Erdogan out of FIBA World Championship with knee blow

PRAGUE (FIBA World Championship) - Turkey's bid for a medal at this year's FIBA World Championship has received a second blow with national team star Serkan Erdogan confirming a knee injury will prevent him from playing in Japan.

Erdogan, in his first season with Spanish juggernauts Tau Ceramica, may require surgery.

Hedo Turkoglu of the Orlando Magic only recently announced he needed to take the summer off to rest.

"I'm not going to play either because I have a problem with my left knee and I may need an operation at the end off the season," Erdogan said to PA Sport in Prague, where he is preparing for Tau Ceramica's Euroleague Final Four showdown with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

"But, we have a deep squad and we can be replaced. It's okay for Turkey.

"Sometimes, the teams react better like one or two good players are not in the team. I hope that my team reacts well and plays better basketball without us."

Erdogan says he has spoken to Turkey coach Bogdan Tanjevic and believes he will be fit to play for his national team at EuroBasket 2007 in Spain.


TUR - Turkoglu feeling the heat over Japan decision

ORLANDO (FIBA World Championship) – Hedo Turkoglu delivered a hammer blow to Turkey’s hopes this summer at the FIBA World Championship by announcing he doesn’t plan to represent his country.

Now the Orlando Magic star is feeling the heat, and he is not surprised.

On April 14, Turkoglu revealed in the Orlando Sentinel his intentions to skip Japan, where the FIBA World Championship will be staged.

"They'll [the media and fans] kill me," Turkoglu said, although apparently half-joking. "I'll hear it good."

Turkoglu now says his comments were put into Turkish newspapers and now fans in his country are truly upset.

"I said they would kill me,” he said this week. “I was joking, but I think they might really kill me from what I'm hearing."

Turkoglu has been a regular member of the Turkey side for several years and says he just wants a break.

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World Championship 2006 - Slovenian 28 for World Cup

By Milan Lazarevic

Slovenian National team head-coach Ales Pipan decided to name 28 players for World Championship 2006 which will be held in Japan during August. This is official start for Slovenian team in “World Cup” mission. One of the most promising European teams will try to repeat sensational success from Eurobasket 2005 when they took 5th place and provided World Championship visa.

List of players includes all Slovenian super stars that play both in Europe and NBA. It is important to notice that L.A. Lakers star, Aleksander Vujacic, is coming back to team, while both Lorbek brothers are finally in the team together. One of the most talented players in Europe, Goran Dragic, is expected not to be just one of 28 players.

Complete list:

Sani Becirovic

Primoz Brezec

Aleksander Capin

Sasa Doncic

Goran Dragic

Dragiša Drobnjak

Jurica Golemac

Gregor Hafnar

Nebojsa Joksimovic

Goran Jurak

Jaka Lakovic

Domen Lorbek

Erazem Lorbek

Marko Maravic

Marko Milic

Jure Mocnik

Bostjan Nachbar

Radoslav Nesterovic

Sašo Ozbolt

Hasan Rizvic

Uroš Slokar

Matjaz Smodis

Marko Tusek

Samo Udrih

Beno Udrih

Aleksander Vujacic

Zelimir Zagorac

Miha Zupan

Ma che squadra hanno?!?

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L'infortunio di Tiago Splitter meno grave del previsto, non dovrebbe essere a rischio la sua partecipazione ai mondiali.

BRA - Splitter not seriously injured

VITORIA (FIBA World Championship) - Brazil international Tiago Splitter will be fit in time for the FIBA World Championship after another series of tests have shown the shoulder injury he suffered at the weekend is not serious.

The Tau Ceramica center sustained the injury in last week's Euroleague semi-final defeat against Maccabi Tel Aviv in Prague, but the 21-year-old is only expected to miss two weeks.

"The second test done on Splitter has ruled out a torn tendon in his shoulder," said a statement from the club. "It's possible that Splitter will return to play in time for the ACB play-offs that begin on May 19."

Splitter will miss the remaining four regular-season games. The good news for Tau is that Luis Scola will be available for Wednesday's league clash at Etosa Alicante.

The Argentina international returned on Monday to Vitoria after remaining in Prague with his father Mario, who was hospitalised on Saturday having suffered a coronary problem.

Unicaja Malaga are first in the ACB standings with 23 wins and eight defeats. Barcelona (22-8) and Tau (21-9) are second and third, but each have a game in hand.

The FIBA World Championship in Japan tips off in August and both Splitter and Scola are expected to take part.

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SCG - Gurovic makes a case for Japan journey

BELGRADE (National Team) - Serbia & Montenegro coach Dragan Sakota has spoken of the need to freshen up the national team after last year's EuroBasket disappointment but Milan Gurovic could force him into a re-think.

The 2.04m forward, who turns 31 on June 17, scored 40 points in Red Star's 102-79 Superleague victory over Atlas.

He was eight of 12 from the field, including four of six from the arc.

Sakota gushed about his star.

"Gurovic was great today," Sakota said. "I wish I could rest him more as crucial games are yet to come."

Gurovic logged a lot of minutes in Novi Sad last year when he averaged nine points per game.

Serbia & Montenegro, who failed to qualify automatically for the FIBA World championship but received a wild card for the Japan-based event which tips off in August, are in Group A with Olympic champions Argentina, France, Nigeria, Venezuela and Lebanon.

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In un'intervista al più importante quotidiano serbo (Novosti), Dragan Sakota annuncia che Stojakovic non parteciperà ai mondiali giapponesi perchè........ non è stato invitato a parteciparvi........

Sakota continua sulla sua strada, puntando sui giovani e su pochi nomi importanti.

Non ci saranno quindi nè Rebraca, nè Bodiroga nè quindi Stojakovic.

- Serbs without Stojakovic on World Cup

By Milan Lazarevic

In interview for “Novosti, the biggest Serbian daily, Dragan Sakota, National team head-coach, announced that Predrag Stojakovic will not play for Serbian team on World Cup because he didn’t invite him to participate.

“We talked 2 months ago and ended that story then.” – Sakota added.

After lot of speculations on several Greek sport sites that Stojakovic refused to play for National team this year, Sakota explained:

“Stojakovic couldn’t refuse to play because I didn’t invite him into the National team. I already said that result on World Cup is not a priority. We will have much younger team, without big names.

We will just add several names for European Championship next year in Spain – I said that to Stojakovic and I simply didn’t want to force him.

I don’t understand why you insist only on Stojakovic when Bodiroga and Rebraca will not play too…”

After new question about other Serbian NBA players and their possible participation on World Cup, Sakota left space that they will be part of a team…

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Un virus mette a rischio la presenza di Pablo Prigioni ai mondiali.

ARG -Virus sidelines Prigioni indefinitely

VITORIA (FIBA World Championship) - Less than 24 hours after being named in Argentina's provisional squad for the FIBA World Championship, Tau Ceramica point guard Pablo Prigioni has been told he is suffering from a virus which could knock the star out this summer's tournament in Japan.

Prigioni, the most valuable player of Tau's Copa del Rey success earlier this season and one of the Euroleague's top performers, will not be available for the first two semi-final games in the ACB play-offs against Winterthur Barcelona.

Tau have issued a statement which says: "The player Pablo Prigioni two weeks ago started to feel unwell, it was thought he was suffering from hay fever but then he had blood in his urine. In recent weeks, he has felt tired and his levels of iron have decreased.

"He is suffering from an infection caused by a virus known as zytomegalovirus. He will undergo treatment and will have regular tests done. He will miss the first two games of the play-offs and it's uncertain when he will return to play."

Zytomegalovirus are viruses that have ability to remain latent within the body over a long period.

Before the diagnosis, Prigioni had spoken of feeling unwell.

"After I do a couple of runs in the warm up before a game I can't move and in the afternoons after training, my body temperature rises," he said.

"At night time, I sweat and I find it very difficult to sleep."

Argentina finished runners-up at the FIBA World Championship 2002 in Indianapolis, and they won the gold medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

For Tau, Prigioni's absence will be a hammer blow. Turkish international Serkan Erdogan can bring the ball up the floor but most of the time at the position is likely to fall to Croatian national team playmaker Roko Leni Ukic.

By Cindy Garcia-Bennett, PA Sport Exclusively for FIBA

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Dal campionato venezuelano sono arrivati Torres e Billy Edwards (Che cmq era USA), chissà che la loro nazionale non riservi altre sorprese....


VEN - Venezuela name preliminary squad

CARACAS (FIBA World Championship) - Venezuela coach Nestor Salazar has named a provisional 18-man squad ahead of the FIBA World Championship in Japan.

Salazar revealed the party would comprise the 12 players who clinched qualification to the last FIBA Americas Championship in the Dominican Republic, as well as six more players.

Diego Guevara's shoulder problem keeps the guard out while shooting-guard Rafael Perez is selected despite suffering from a minor injury.

Venezuela will meet Argentina, Serbia and Montenegro, Nigeria, Lebanon and France in Group A of the tournament, which will be played in Japan from August 19 to September 3.

Venezuela preliminary squad:

Ernesto Mijares, Carlos Cedeno, Oscar Torres, Carlos Morris, Askia Jones, Rafael Perez, Rafael Guevara, Jose Vargas, Victor David Diaz, Tomas Aguilera, Alejandro Barrios, Gregory Vallenilla, Hector Romero, Luis Julio, Pablo Machado, Richard Lugo, Hebert Bayona, Miguel Marriaga.

PA Sport

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LIT - Lithuania boss Sireika leaves for UNICS

KAZAN (Superleague) - Antanas Sireika will attempt to lead Lithuania to the podium at the FIBA World Championship and now he can focus on that mission after sorting out his club situation by taking the reins at UNICS Kazan.

Sireika, in charge of the Lithuania side that won EuroBasket 2003 and also reached the semi-finals of the Athens Olympics, left his post as Zalgiris boss during the 2005-06 campaign.

Meanwhile, Vidas Ginevicius, who received a lot of minutes at point guard in the Lithuania side at EuroBasket 2005 after Sarunas Jasikevicius' decision not to play in last year's tournament, has signed an extension to play at Zalgiris for another season.

By PA Sport, Exclusively for FIBA

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Smodis rinuncia ai mondiali, però che squadretta che hanno comunque gli sloveni...

World Championship 2006 - Smodis will not play

By Milan Lazarevic

There is no time for rest for Ales Pipan, Slovenian NT head-coach. Just a day after big play-off finale when he survived stressing loss with Slovan against Olimpija, new shock waited on his desk. Matjaz Smodis, CSKA superstar, and one of the best Euroleague players at the end of the last season, announced that he will not be able for National squad for World Cup in Japan this summer.

Smodis will explain his reasons to Pipan in “eye-to-eye” conversation, but first rumors are saying that fantastic forward is exhausted after long season and few injuries in it.

Pipan announced names of 24 players who will start preparations for World Cup and that list doesn’t include Jurica Golemac, Jure Močnik and Samo Udrih who are injured.

Playmakers: Ćapin (Reggio Calabria), Dragič (G. Slovan), Lakovič (Panathinaikos), Beno Udrih(San Antonio)

Guards: Bečirovič (Climamio), Hafnar (Varese), Joksimovič (Hemofarm), Domen Lorbek (Helios), Ožbolt (U. Olimpija), Vujačič (LA Lakers)

Forwards: Maravič (Manresa), Milič (VidiVici), Nachbar (New Jersey)

Power forwards: Dončić (G. Slovan), Drobnjak (U. Olimpija), Jurak (Cantu), Erazem Lorbek (Climamio), Slokar (Benetton), Tušek (Roma), Ž. Zagorac (Helios), Zupan (G. Slovan)

Centers: Brezec (Charlotte), Nesterović (San Antonio), Rizvić (U. Olimpija).






Etc etc..

Sti cazzi................................................................

Edited by Ale Div.
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Recalcati riunisce la Nazionale a Rieti, per il primo raduno, quello che porterà poi al Mondiale di Sapporo (Giappone) del prossimo 19 agosto. Il tecnico ha rinunciato a Giacomo Galanda , che insieme a Chiacig e Bulleri il Mondiale lo vedrà in televisione. Esattamente come Pozzecco ,che ha rinunciato all’azzurro, :blink: e Calabria , sul quale Recalcati non conta per niente. Differente il caso di Righetti , che è appena stato operato al ginocchio e dovrà recuperare.

"Galanda rimane il capitano di questa squadra, anche se lo lasciamo a casa a ritemprarsi. Tutti gli esclusi – ha affermato Recalcati - hanno espresso dispiacere. Il loro attaccamento alla maglia azzurra rimane intatto, ma come già programmato da qualche anno, questa estate del 2006 è quella del ringiovanimento".

Della vecchia guardia ai Mondiali, andranno Gianluca Basile e Denis Marconato che da Barcellona hanno fatto già sapere di non avere bisogno di giorni extra di riposo e Matteo Soragna, insieme ai due giovani talenti del nostro campionato Marco Belinelli ed Andrea Bargnani.

"Sono due giocatori giovani, ma che hanno fatto già esperienza internazionale. Bargnani il prossimo 28 giugno sarà scelto da una squadra Nba. E' la prima volta che ci confrontiamo con una realtà del genere, ma speriamo di avere Bargnani per tutta la preparazione e per i mondiali. Per il resto ho in mente undici giocatori fra cui scegliere i rimanenti sette. Sono giocatori che in questi anni hanno fatto dentro e fuori in Nazionale e hanno ben figurato hai Giochi del Mediterraneo dello scorso anno. Come naturalizzato ci sarà Richard Mason Rocca , che dovrà guadagnarsi il posto in squadra. Li vedremo tutti in questo lungo raduno diviso come al solito in due periodi. Prima di partire per la Corea, il 9 agosto, sceglierò i dodici che comporranno la squadra per i Mondiali"..

Questi i convocati al primo raduno:

Marco Allegretti (81, 204, A, Whirlpool Varese)

Simone Bagnoli (81, 205, C, Coopsette Rimini)

Giorgio Boscagin (83, 195, G/A, Bipop Carire Reggio Emilia),

David Brkic (82, 209, A/C, Zarotti Imola)

Fabio Di Bella (78, 186, P, Vidivici Bologna)

Tommaso Fantoni (85, 203, A, Basket Livorno)

Robert Anthony Fultz (82, 188, P, Navigo.It Teramo)

Andrea Ghiacci (81, 200, G/A, Carife Ferrara)

Matteo Malaventura (78, 196, G, Basket Roseto)

Andrea Michelori (78, 204, A, Vertical Vision Cantù).

Dal 14 raggiungeranno il raduno

Valerio Amoroso (80, 202, A; Premiata Montegranaro)

Daniele Cavaliero (84, 188, P, Basket Roseto)

Andrea Pecile (80, 187, P, Montepaschi Siena)

Christian Di Giuliomaria (79, 208, A/C, Snaidero Udine)

Luca Garri (82, 207, C, Angelico Biella)

Giuliano Maresca (81, 190, G, Premiata Montegranaro)

dal 19 giugno

Angelo Gigli (83, 205, A/C, Bibop Carire Reggio Emilia).

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I convocati da Sakota per la Serbia:

Nenad Krstic (New Jersey Nets)

Darko Miličić (Orlando Magic)

Kosta Perovic (Partizan)

Mile Ilić (FMP Zeleznik)

Dejan Milojević (Partizan)

Ognjen Aškrabić (Dynamo SP)

Miroslav Raičević (Red Star)

Aleksandar Pavlović (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Branko Jorović (FMP Zeleznik)

Luka Bogdanović (Partizan)

Igor Rakočević (Real Madrid)

Uroš Tripković (Partizan)

Vule Avdalović (Pamesa)

Bojan Popović (Dynamo Moscow)

Marko Marinović (FMP Zeleznik)

Molti giovincelli, poche star........................

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Milojevic salta i mondiali..... in Spagna gli hanno trovato una tendinite al gionocchio......... sei settimane di stop minimo........ significa, casualità, che potrà tornare in palestra proprio alla vigilia della manifestazione......... Ma...... lui........ non se n'era mai accorto?????

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Pre-convocazioni brasileire...

Coach Ferreira has a squad of 17 players, from whom 12 will be picked for the group stage of the South American Championship, where they will compete alongside hosts Venezuela and Chile on Group A.

Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay make up Group B in the tournament, which will be played in Caracas from July 12 to 16.

After this tournament, Brazil will play warm-up friendlies against New Zealand (July 22-28), going on to the Super Four tournament in Argentina (July 30-August 1) followed by an eagerly-anticipated clash against USA in China on August 8.

Brazil will then take part in the II Stankovic Cup, where they will face Germany, Australia, hosts China, France and Greece from August 10 to 15, before competing at the FIBA World Championship from August 19 to September 3 in Japan.

Brazil preliminary squad: Caio Torres (Rayet Guadajara), Estevam (Uberlandia), Murilo (Franca), Joao Paulo (Gonzaga University), Paulao, Nezinho, Arthur (all Ribeirao Preto), Andre "Bambu", Luis Felipe Grubber (both Parmesa Castellon), Guilherme Teichmann, Diego, Manteiguinha (all Ajax), Marcus Toledo (CB L'Hospitalet), Felipe Ribeiro (Rio Claro), Jhonatan (Paulistano), Duda (Universo/BRB), Marcelinho Huertas (DKV Joventut).

PA Sport

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