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Serbia & Montenegro - Superleague

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Serbia & Montenegro - Superleague - Day 2

By Milan Lazarevic

Serbian clubs continue their road to play-off in deadly rhythm just 3 days after great challenges in Goodyear league where 5 of them had important roles on Final 8 tournament. At the other side “small” clubs played on that card and hoped that fact could be their secret weapon. But favorites were concentrated…

New Goodyear league champion, FMP Zeleznik had huge problems against Masinac in Kraljevo. Such scenario could be predicted after great emotional shock in Sarajevo, but obviously that they learned big lesson 2 years ago when they made same success in Adriatic competition and later didn’t qualify for Serbian play-off.

Match was totally opened till the last second. Marko Marinovic was once again sensational with winning points, practically in last second, when he scored in coast-to-coast action.

Zeleznik opened game much better, but after +9 they stopped and let talented Masinac to come back. Only because of fantastic Mile Ilic, who played one of the best matches in whole season, FMP was always in game; even Masinac was constantly on +6.

During 3rd quarter FMP finally woke up and took the lead, but it was obvious that match will end in dramatic finish.

Basketball public expected much more from Vojvodina in Novi Sad against Partizan, but obviously that their players are still in shock after an early elimination from Goodyear Final 8 tournament when they missed a shoot for a win against FMP in quarter-finals.

Partizan showed that earthquake from Sarajevo, when they were defeated in final game, didn’t “kill” them and in superior role they simply erased Vojvodina from the court.

Partizan escaped on +10 in 3rd quarter, after triple by Vaunteego Cummings, and practically decided a winner. Vojvodina had huge problem to find rebounding rhythm and it is just enough to say that Partizan had 15 rebounds more then team from Novi Sad.

In next few weeks Vojvodina will have super difficult mission to find solution for current crisis and to stay in race for play-off.

Red Star against Zdravlje and Hemofarm against OKK Beograd didn’t have big problems. Red Star is with full squad again and their surely best player, Milan Gurovic, returned to team again after he skipped tournament in Sarajevo. He was a star of the game, together with Pero Antic.

At the other side, Vladan Vukosavljevic (match index 39) and Milenko Topic (match index 38) sank OKK Beograd in Vrsac.

In the most interesting game of the round Buducnost made crucial step forward with important win against Atlas. Buducnost will try desperately to take play-off place, or, at least, to win 5th place which will guarantee them Goodyear competition for the next year, but for accomplishing that task they simply had to win in Belgrade against Atlas. And they did it…

Buducnost had +20 in first half, but they lost it everything in second period when they gambled till the last seconds with high stakes.

In classic penalty ending, Maras and Mijatovic played like they had 1000 matches like this one before, while, at the other side, Miskovic missed 2 free throws. At the end, Milos Bojovic missed for a win, and let Buducnost to go back to Podgorica with 2 points.

Atlas – Budućnost 78:79 (18:26, 11:17, 26:21, 23:15)

Atlas: Kosanović 8, Bojović 8, Ratkovica 4, Dalipagić 9, Preković 4 (4 assists), Tošić 4, Drasković 4 (5 rebounds), Duvnjak, Raković 18 (5 steals, 5 rebounds), Misković 19 (3 steals), Marković, Lekić.

BUDUĆNOST: Micov 9 (3 steals), Gordić, Mijatović 13, Maras 11, Dasić 12, Pavković 10 (6 steals, 9 assists), Popović, Peković 10 (5 assists), Rakočević 14, Milosević, Jovanović, Zivcević.

Vojvodina - Partizan 87:102 (20:17, 29:27, 19:29, 19:29)

VOJVODINA: Ivanović 9 (3 steals, 5 rebounds), Golubović, Djordjević 11 (4 steals), Milosević 2, Kojadinović 21 (3 assists), Tepić 2, Dozet 17, Pavić, Bosnjak 3, Plisnić 18, Sćekić 4, Pavković.

PARTIZAN: Tripković 18 (3 steals), Perović 13 (6 rebounds), Suput 14 (3 steals), Milojević 21 (4 steals, 11 rebounds, 6 assists), Cummings 20, Bogdanović, Stefanović, Borovnjak, Velicković 3, Peković 6, Smiljanić 4, Bozić 3.

Masinac – FMP 85:87 (14:20, 26:16, 17:29, 28:22)

MASINAC: Milasinović 7, Mijailovoić 9, Avramović 2, Djokić 12, Knezević 10 (7 rebounds, 3 assists), Marković 12 (8 rebounds), Habus 10 (3 assists), Kocergin, Mirković 11 (5 rebounds, 3 assists), Trivunović 12, Pilcević, Arsić.

FMP: Vasić 4, Cvetković 4, Ilić 20, Marinović 14 (3 steals, 7 assists), Savanović 17 (3 steals, 3 assists), Jorović 11, Krstović 2, Pupović, Todorović, Rasić 10 (3 assists), Samardziski 5, Popović.

Red Star – Zdravlje 99:89 (30:27, 26:14, 23:26, 20:22)

Red Star: Misanović 2, Gurović 30 (5 rebounds, 4 assists), Henderson 13 (3 assists), Raicević 3 (4 assists), O`Bannon 12, Jeretin 4 (7 assists), Subotić, Dragojlović 2, Vitkovac 8, Radivojević 8, Antić 17 (10 rebounds), Marković.

ZDRAVLJE: Bocka 10 (4 assists), Mitić 22, Djerasimović 12 (3 steals), Marjanović 16 (8 rebounds), Miljković 4, Miceta 3, Milović 5, Jovanović 15 (5 rebounds), Djokić, Aleksić 2, Stanković, Velicković

Borac – Mornar Basket 108:100 (20:26, 30:26, 30:20, 28:28)

BORAC: Teodosić 12, Mićić 11, Majstorović (4 assists), Labović 17 (4 steals, 5 rebounds), Bralović 6, Erceg 27 (3 steals, 7 rebounds), Marković 25, Osmokrović 10 (10 assists), Protić, Ilić, Marić, Radisavljević.

MORNAR BASCET: Barnes 13, Vujacić 10 (3 assists), Vuksanović 19 (5 rebounds), Paunić 12, Ljubojević 25 (11 rebounds), Jelenić 10 (5 assists), Popović 6, Sjekloća 5, Mitrović, Peković

Hemofarm - OKK Beograd 105:91 (19:30, 27:16, 27:20, 32:25)

Hemofarm: Bolic 16, Topic 22 (9 rebounds, 4 assists), Stefanovic 11, Conley 10 (3 assists), Vukosavljevic 32 (7 rebounds), Wright 5 (4 assists)

OKK Beograd: Radonjic 12, Bozovic 10 (7 rebounds), Otasevic 16 (11 assists), Kovac 18 (4 assists), Djapa 20 (5 rebounds)


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SCG - Partizan, Red Star roll to fourth straight victories

BELGRADE (Superleague) - Serbia & Montenegro giants Partizan and Red Star remain unbeaten at their top of their respective groups after four rounds of the Superleague.

Reigning champions Partizan, who are chasing their fifth consecutive final, avenged their recent Adriatic League setback against FMP, by winning 83-71 after a dominating performance by the league's most valuable player Dejan Milojevic.

The Serbo-Montenegrin, who is pushing for a place in his country's squad for the FIBA World Championship, finished with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

"It could be better, but I have to be satisfied," said Partizan coach Dusko Vujosevic.

The boss was particulary enthusiastic about the play of young Kosta Perovic with the 21-year-old center collecting 17 points and blocking three shots.

"In some moments," Vujosevic said, "when we've had a 20-point advantage. "We've played without concentration, like we are losing by 20 points. Still, we've done what we came for."

Also in Group A, Vojvodina and Masinac were victorious.

Hosts Borac had a chance to pull leve against Vojvodina at the end but turned the ball over and lost 86-83.

Vanja Plisnic had 16 points to lead the winners.

Masinac defeated Mornar 69-66 after an inspirational effort from playmaker Igor Mijailovic.

He had 15 points, and his free throws in last minute were crucial for win of hosts.

The side led by Serbia & Montenegro national team boss Dragan Sakota, Red Star, crushed Atlas 102-79.

Milan Gurovic led the red-and-whites with 40 points on eight of 12 shooting. He was four of six from the arc.

"We've played against team which is the only one in our group without a victory, so it was clear that quality was on our side," Sakota said.

"Gurovic was great today, I wish I could rest him more as crucial games are yet to come."

Buducnost suffered their first Superleague defeat, losing 66-62 to OKK Beograd.

The hosts' best player was Dalibor Djapa with 26 points and six rebounds, but the young side from Podgorica, who were outstanding in the Nasa Liga qualifying stage, struggled with their long-range shooting and on the boards.

They made just three of 19 from the arc and were outrebounded 37-27.

In the other Group B clash, last season's runner-up Hemofarm thrashed Zdravlje 99-73 behind American Robert Conley's 28 points, five assists and four rebounds.

PA Sport

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SCG - Partizan still perfect

BELGRADE (Superleague) - Reigning Serbia & Montenegro champions Partizan Belgrade are the only unbeaten side after five rounds of games in the Superleague.

Partizan crushed Borac 105-74 to stay top of Group A on a day when Buducnost stunned Red Star Belgrade 85-82 to share top spot in Group B with Red Star with a 4-1 record.

Against lowly Borac, the league MVP Dejan Milojevic finished with 26 points, nine assists and five rebounds in just 25 playing minutes for Partizan.

"Milojevic is a true leader. He showed his younger team-mates what a professional performance is all about - his running and competitiveness can teach a lot to others," said Partizan coach Dusko Vujosevic.

Also in Group A, FMP used Mile Ilic's 23 points and 11 rebounds to defeat bottom side Mornar 96-78 and stay second while Vojvodina stayed third after an 83-74 win over Masinac.

In Group B, Red Star, once again guided by Milan Gurovic who scored 22 points, took a 71-63 lead but Buducnost's 25-year-old guard Miljan Pavkovic was not finished yet.

Pavkovic scored 11 of his 19 points in the next two minutes, including three three-pointers as Buducnost rallied, taking a 77-75 lead in the final minute.

We defeated a team that is better then us in every single basketball segment, except in talent," said Buducnost boss Dejan Radonjic.

Sakota said: "Buducnost deserved this victory as we suddenly stopped after taking quite a big lead."

Hemofarm struggled to beat Atlas 90-89 while OKK Belgrade hammered lowly Zdravlje with 29 points from Marko Brkic including six from 10 from behind the arc.

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Mi sono perso qualche puntata, comunque siamo alle semifinali.......

Serbia - Partizan – Buducnost 2:0, Red Star – FMP 0:1

By Milan Lazarevic

Start of play-off offered first surprise. Partizan didn’t have problems with Buducnost in first 2 home games. Team from Podgorica proved potential, but it was huge problem for them to find replacement for injured Slavko Vranes who was their main weapon against Milojevic and Perovic. In both games Partizan had problems with Buducnost’s zonal defense. In first duel they solved it in last 10 minutes with crucial 20:10 series, while in second match they exploded in first quarter with +18.

It was obvious in first 2 games that kids from Podgorica didn’t have enough strength and experience for such strong opponent as Partizan was. Team from Belgrade used great advantage on centers position with dominated trilling Milojevic-Perovic-Pekovic.

Dejan Milojevic (match 1: 13 pts, 11 rebounds, 5 steals, 4 assists; match 2: 19 pts, 11 rebounds) was real professor on court once again, while Perovic was good assistant in both duels with 16 and 12 pts.

Next 2 games will be played in Podgorica, and it is interesting to add that Buducnost didn’t lose any home match during whole season. This will be solid challenge for Partizan, but Buducnost will have, practically, mission impossible to win this series.

At the other side, Red Star made negative surprise to fans with unexpected home loss against FMP. Goodyear league champions proved amazing potential and with great ambition opened this semi-final series. Whole team is united to make big result. Almost every player decided to go on court with brand new moustaches, except of course Mile Ilic and Jorovic who can not have them.

At the other side, Red Star players decided to enter second match with shaved heads, so next duel will be real spectacle.

In first game, Red Star was better team for 3 quarters, but they totally lost compass in last 10 minutes. Vuk Radivojevic had tragic destiny to make unexplainable foul on Jorovic 4 seconds till the end, but whole guilty can not be putted only on his back. After +14 at the end of 3rd quarter Red Star players gambled with own destiny and practically brought FMP back to life.

Next game will be crucial. Red Star will not have second chance if they lose it again. Milan Gurovic is doubtful after leg injury, but it can be expected that he will play.

At the other side, it looks that Mile Ilic is totally fit in FMP after shoulder problems during last whole week. Ilic was visiting physiotherapeutic sessions every day during last 7 days and obviously that this young man has great motivation to prove potential against Red Star.

Show continues…

Game 1

Partizan – Buducnost 79:63 (22:18, 17:17, 20:18, 29:10)

Partizan: Tripković 12, Bogdanović 6, Perović 16, Šuput 9, Stefanović, Borovnjak 4, Veličković 2, Milojević 13, Peković 5, Smiljanić 3, Božić, Cummings 9.

Budućnost: Pavković 15, Micov 6, Popović, Jovanović 1, Gordić, Mijatović 5, Peković 2, Rakočević 14, Zivčević, Milošević 7, Maraš 8, Dašić 5

Red Star – FMP Zeleznik 78:79 (17:17, 27:18, 18:21, 16:23)

Red Star: Jeretin 15, Dragojlović 6, Gurović 17, Vitkovac 2, Radivojević 9, Antić 9, Henderson 2, Raičević 4, O'Bannon 14.

FMP: Vasić 5, Cvetković 13, Jorović 12, Ilić 12, Krstović 2, Marinović 15, Todorović 1, Rašić 12, Savanović 4, Samardžiski 3.

Game 2

Partizan – Buducnost 96:74 (31:13. 21:19, 21:21, 23:21)

PARTIZAN: Tripković 9, Bogdanović 7, Perović 12, Šuput 9, Stefanović, Bakić 3, Veličković 12, Milojević 19, Peković 6, Smiljanić 4, Božić 2, Cummings 12.

BUDUĆNOST: Pavković 4, Micov 6, Popović 3, Jovanović, Gordić, Mijatović 16, Peković 17, Rakočević 4, Zivčević, Milošević 4, Maraš 5, Dašić 15

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Situazione attuale:

  • Stella Rossa-FMP 1-1
  • Partizan-Buducnost 2-0


SCG - Red Star draw level

BELGRADE (Superleague) - Red Star pulled level with FMP in their play-off semi-final series in Serbia & Montenegro by cruising to an 81-61 home victory in Game Two.

With reigning champions Partizan Belgrade winning their second clash against Buducnost to take a 2-0 series lead, the Red Star-FMP play-off looks set to be the tightest of the two semi-finalas.

FMP had gone 1-0 ahead thanks to a surprise 79-78 away victory in Game One in midweek but they could not repeat the dose in the second match.

Red Star, coached by Dragan Sakota, who will also lead Serbia & Montenegro in the FIBA World Championship in August, were superb in defence, allowing the visitors to score just 16 of their 54 field goals.

Serbia & Montenegro international Milan Gurovic, the league’s leading scorer, was Red Star’s hottest shooter with 17 points, while both Larry O'Bannon and captain Goran Jeretin added 13 more.

Branko Cvetkovic (13 points and four steals) was the only FMP player to get into double figures.

FMP coach Vlada Vukoicic felt his team were lucky to escape an even bigger hiding.

“We made an incredible 21 turnovers, so we were fortunate to lose by just a 20-point deficit,” he said.

“Red Star could have destroyed us if they hadn't missed 16 free throws.

“Now it is our turn to be hosts for two matches. I hope we'll be brave and smart enough in those games.”

Meanwhile, Partizan, chasing a fifth consecutive title, never looked back after building up a 31-13 first-quarter lead as they thrashed Buducnost 96-74 in Game Two.

League MVP Dejan Milojevic was once again the main weapon of the Black and Whites as he finished with 19 points, seven assists and six rebounds.

Three of his team-mates - Kosta Perovic, Vonteego Cummings and Novica Velickovic - scored 12 points each as Partizan added to their 79-63 win in Game One.

Partizan coach Dusko Vujosevic said: “We were good, but not for the whole match.

“Our lacking of concentration in third quarter was something I cannot allow. Our rivals don't deserve to be underestimated.”

Buducnost's top scorer was Marko Pekovic with 17 points.

FMP and Buducnost will host the next two games in each of their best-of-five semi-final series.

PA Sport

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