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La Verita' su Chris Williams...?

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Tempo or sono si parlo' anche nel Ns. Forum di C.W., bollandolo anche come uno difficile-per-gli-allenatori. Forse perche' non era facile spiegarsi il perche' di una sua diaspora nel Campionato coreano...vabbe', saranno sempre chiacchere, pero', forse forse, anche qs. parole potrebbero dare un senso diverso ed una Verita' alternativa...


#Originally Posted by stendec

First , I have to say this " I'm korean and it will not be easy for you

to understand my writings, because I'm not good at english. I hope you

can catch my intend."

I heard Chris Williams had played basketball in German past season.

He came Korea and participated in Korean basketball team(Ulsan Mobis Pheobus)

-->Ulsan city name , Mobis is holding company of Hyundai Motors

Anyway , he gave a great present to the team.

The team win 1st place in regular season fot the first time in team history.

but unfortunately be defeated by Seoul Samsung Thunders in playoff.

Chris Williams , he did a great job.he was honored with best imported player award.

Score,rebound even assist

he was versatile. he was just a alien.

There are many foriegn players(most of them former nba player) but no one

can be compare with him.

To say a word , he is best.

But Korean Basketball League(KBL) rules imported player's salary limit

is 180 thousand dollars a year(180,000 us $)

but MOst team break against the rule they give more money to them secretly.

Everybody knows that , but anyone say that.

here's the reason why I post this thread.

Not only I but also all basketball fans in Korea cannot believe he accept the propose(180,000 us dollar a year)

Anyone let me know how much he earned a salary a year in Germany.#

Trifilli wrote:

Absolutely great player, he played for the Skyliners last season and was definately the best foreigner in Germany. He averaged 19.2ppg, 9.8rpg, 3.8apg and 2.3spg in the BBL least year, leading the team to the vize championship (lost the finals in 5 games against GHP Bamberg).

But he already earned more than 180.000$ here in Frankfurt - and he had way better offers from other teams in Europe (like AEK from Greece or Besiktas from Turkey). When he went to Korea rumours said that signed a contract worth 700.000$ per season at Ulsan. Frankfurts Manager Wöbke even said in an interview before the season that he had an offer worth 4-5 times the amount of money he earned in Frankfurt from Ulsan and therefore it was impossible to keep him. I can't tell you if that's true since I have no clue about korean basketball but he should definately earn more than 300.000 Euro net there (about 380.000 US Dollars), otherwise he could've stayed in Europe as he had offers in that category from european teams. >>.

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