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Korea del Sud

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Samsung Thunders win the 2006 Korean Basketball League Championship title, over Mobis Phoebus 85-79 in Tuesday's game 4 in a sweep of the best-of-seven series In Seoul Korea In The KBL. Nate Johnson (199-F-77, college: Louisville) and Former NBA player Oyedeji Olumide from Nigeria 6/10 center played outstanding leading the Thunders over Mobis Phoebus lead by Chris Williams (199-F/G-80, college: Virginia) and Jason Clark (203-F-82, college: Virginia).

Mobis was this years KBL league leader 36-18, Samsung 32-22. Both Teams stayed Consistent throughout the season while Defending Champion Dongbu 31-23 placed 3rd.


Nate Johnson (199-F-77, college: Louisville) has re-signed with defending champion Samsung. He currently plays at Fastlink in Jordan for Asian Club Championships games.

Demetrius Alexander (204-F/C-75, college: Alabama) has re-signed with LG, along with the KBL MVP Chris Williams (199-F/G-80, college: Virginia) with Mobis.

Aaron McGhee (202-F-79, college: Oklahoma) has re-signed with KTF as it will be hoe third season in Korea.

Dontae Jones (201-F-75, college: Mississippi St.) will stay at KT&G.

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