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Play Off Slovenia

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Slovenia - Olimpija saved season with new title

By Milan Lazarevic

After real drama and unbelievable scenario where 2 teams in finale couldn’t use home court advantage, Olimpija Ljubljana woke up in final series and practically saved one stressing season with hard win against Geoplin Slovan.

After abnormal number of oscillations during last 9 months, it can be said that practically Olimpija was reborn in this final series.

Olimpija Ljubljana made “hat-trick” with 3rd title in a row, 13th totally, while Slovan missed unique chance to do it first time in history.

This trophy was just a matter of prestige, Olimpija has Euroleague contract, while both sides already provided Goodyear league visas, but both teams wanted desperately to erase several mistakes from current season.

In sold out hall, in front of 3 500 people (new Slovan record), in beautiful atmosphere, Olimpija opened poorly last game with -5 after first quarter, but Slovan couldn’t save strength for crucial minutes and couldn’t hold the pressure when it was the most important.

Olimpija came to -1 at the half, but culmination happened in 3rd period when Rannikko gave first serious lead to Olimpija (46:41). Finnish international simply broke Slovan’s resistance with unbelievable triple in the last second of 3rd quarter when team from Ljubljana escaped on +8.

It was obvious that first 2or 3 minutes of last period would be crucial. Olimpija was very concentrated to end story, while Slovan couldn’t hide flurry at the end; with intentional foul on Ozbolt everything was practically over.

This is 25th trophy for Zmago Sagadin in his coaching career.

Play-off finale

Geoplin Slovan - Union Olimpija 62-73

Union Olimpija - Geoplin Slovan 59-67

Geoplin Slovan - Union Olimpija 78-85

Union Olimpija - Geoplin Slovan 71-80

Geoplin Slovan - Union Olimpija 71-85

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