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Serbia - Horror in Belgrade

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Serbia - Horror in Belgrade

By Milan Lazarevic

Shocking scenes in Belgrade. Basketball lost any meaning in Thursday in Serbia. The most popular sport in land of current World Champions simply died in horror. Culmination of 6 years of agony happened on eternal Serbian derby Partizan – Red Star, in 2nd game of final play-off series.

There is no sense to talk about any basketball element in average match where fans couldn’t see anything from great Serbian basketball tradition. There is no sense to talk about any young player, about any scored point…

There is no sense with 30 injured young men, several with very hard injuries, with pistol shootings around the hall, with police brutality in front of million spectators in front of TV…

Something unbelievable and unforgivable happened in Belgrade that evening. Police warned fans before the game that they will have no mercy if some incidents happen and they gave 100% of their abilities to accomplish that promise…

In electric atmosphere from the first second, dangerous atmosphere was around the court. Red Star fans were mad because Partizan officials gave them only 10% of tickets, at the other side police came in fascinating number. Just before the second half something odd fell down on the court from the side where Red Star fans were. Your reporter can not say you what, basic culture doesn’t allow him. That was initial button for police to react.

Brutal, bestial and monstrous police reaction in “Pionir” totally stunned basketball public. In horrible attack they were beating fans without mercy. In moment when fans started to sing: “Let all people know what you are doing. In kids you are firing”, it could be clearly see when commander Mile Novaković was ordering to police to start terror.

And drama started…

The most dramatic moment happened when police simply pushed people at the edge of the hall exit. They were beating them, fans tried to find escape, but securing fence crashed and they fell down from 2 meters high position. Young kids were falling down on the other ones who already were injured down there, while police still didn’t want to stop beating. <_<

There are no words which can describe horror. Gurovic, Dragojlovic and the other Red Star players went among fans and police and tried to calm down situation, but without success. Partizan fans left the hall in solidarity with Red Star fans. That was probably first time in history that they were on the same side.

Partizan players, coach and officials stayed on the court and waited what will happen.

In moment when people left the “Pionir” incidents didn’t stop. Pistol shoots were heard and police continued with hunting people.


21 fans and 9 policemen ended in ER and 10 people more on orthopedic clinic.


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SCG - Chaotic scenes at Pionir

BELGRADE (Superleague) - More then 20 people were hurt, at least one seriously, during riots that brought an abrupt end to Game Two of the Serbo-Montenegrin Superleague championship final between Belgrade rivals Partizan and Red Star.

Defending champions Partizan led 63-56 a minute into the fourth quarter when visiting Red Star supporters clashed with police in the stands at the Pionir Hall.

A minor scuffle sparked the chaos in the Red Star section of the arena and led to a stampede of around 200 supporters who tried to escape from the stands.

During this, a perimeter fence was knocked down and a number of supporters fell from the stand - a gap of around three metres.

Red Star players tried to intervene as police fought with supporters.

The Red Star section was eventually emptied, but the clashes spilled out into the streets.

The game was stopped for more then 20 minutes, but when play was to restart Red Star coach Dragan Sakota - who will also lead Serbia & Montenegro at the FIBA World Championship - refused to go back on court.

The game is expected to be awarded to Partizan, who also won the first game of the best-of-five series.

PA Sport

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15/06/2006 - 23:30

Serbia: gravi incidenti durante Partizan-Stella Rossa

Dopo 20" dall'avvio del quarto periodo di gara 2 della finale della Sinalko League tra Partizan e Stella Rossa Belgrado, sul punteggio di 63-56, si è scatenata un'autentica battaglia tra i sostenitori della "Crvena Zvezda" e la polizia, che hanno forzato la sospensione della partita in un clima irrespirabile al Pionir.

I giocatori della Stella Rossa hanno tentato di calmare i loro tifosi e separarli dagli agenti, ma senza esito. Sono quindi rientrati negli spogliatoi, mentre il Partizan è rimasto sul campo, e quando la situazione s'è ricomposta con la sgombero di una parte delle tribune, la Stella Rossa s'è rifiutata di riprendere il gioco. Sono attese le decisioni della Federazione serba, gara 3 è prevista domenica, sempre al Pionir ma in casa della Stella Rossa.

Da notare che c'erano state pesanti polemiche in gara 1 a causa della decisione della dirigenza bianconera di non mettere in vendita i biglietti, facendo entrare nell'impianto i tifosi che avessero assistito, con regolare tagliando, alla serie di semifinale tra Partizan e Buducnost. Ovviamente nessun sostenitore della Stella Rossa ha potuto riempire le tribune.

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