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Den Bosch - Weert 2-1

Rotterdam - Zwolle 2-0

Amsterdam - Almere 2-0

Groningen - Nijmegen 2-1


Den Bosch - Rotterdam 3-1

Amsterdam - Groningen 1-3

Finali (al meglio delle 7):

EiffelTowers Den Bosch - MPC Groningen 2-1

Gara 1

EiffelTowers-MPC 92-69

Kwartstanden: 25-14 / 25-17 / 22-24 / 20-14

Topscorers EiffelTowers: Rodgers 26, Gomes 11, Kullamae 11, Frederiks 10

Toprebounders: Rodgers 10, Gomes 10, Frederiks 4, Jones 4

Assists: Rodgers 6. Steals: Jones 2, Nelson 2. Turnovers: Jones 4. Blocks: Gomes 1.

Schot 2p: 71.1 % (38-27), 3p: 39.1 % (23-9) ft: 84.6 % (13-11)

rebounds: 38 (9 ar), steals: 9, assists: 24, turnovers: 10, blocks: 1, fouten: 15

Topscorers MPC: Akerboom 20, Suljanovic 15, McGuthrie 15

Toprebounders: Melderis 7, Suljanovic 5, Reed 3, Mc Guthrie 3, Akerboom 3

Assists: Kriisa 5. Steals: Suljanovic, Kriisa 2. Turnovers: Melderis, McGuthrie, Novak 2. Blocks: Detrick, Suljanovic 1.

Schot 2p: 42.9 % (42-18), 3p: 34.8 % (23-8) ft: 75.0 % (12-9)

rebounds: 29 (11 ar), steals: 11, assists: 11, turnovers: 9, blocks: 2, fouten: 14

Gara 2

MPC-EiffelTowers 74-61

Kwartstanden: 18-14 / 23-13 / 15-20 / 18-14

Topscorers MPC: Young 15, Novak 15, Suljanovic 15

Toprebounders: Suljanovic 11, Melderis 9, Reed 8

Assists: Kriisa 3. Steals: Suljanovic, Akerboom 4. Turnovers: Reed 3. Blocks: -.

Schot 2p: 54.5 % (44-24), 3p: 20.8 % (24-5) ft: 84.6 % (13-11)

rebounds: 43 (23 ar), steals: 15, assists: 10, turnovers: 13, blocks: 0, fouten: 16

Topscorers EiffelTowers: Rodgers 23, Gomes 10, Nelson 7, Frederiks 7

Toprebounders: Gomes 9, Rodgers 8, Van der Kamp 4

Assists: Kullamae, Jones 4. Steals: Jones 3. Turnovers: Jones 5. Blocks: Gomes 2.

Schot 2p: 70.0 % (30-21), 3p: 13.6 % (22-3) ft: 76.9 % (13-10)

rebounds: 30 (11 ar), steals: 10, assists: 15, turnovers: 14, blocks: 2, fouten: 22

Gara 3

EiffelTowers-MPC 86-82

Kwartstanden: 19-17 / 21-27 / 24-22 / 22-16

Topscorers EiffelTowers: Frederiks 16, Gomes 15, Kullamae 13, Rodgers 12, Jones 11

Toprebounders: Gomes 16, Frederiks 6, Vd Holst 5

Assists: Rodgers 6. Steals: Kullamae 3. Turnovers: Kullamae 5. Blocks: Gomes en Nelson 1.

Schot 2p: 60.0 % (35-21), 3p: 32.1 % (28-9) ft: 73.9 % (23-17)

rebounds: 44 (17 ar), steals: 12, assists: 16, turnovers: 19, blocks: 2, fouten: 18

Topscorers MPC: Young 23, Reed 16, Akerboom 16

Toprebounders: Reed 11, Suljanovic 7, Young 5, Novak 5

Assists: McGuthrie, Reed, Young 2. Steals: Reed 5. Turnovers: Young, Kriisa 4. Blocks: Detrick, Young 1.

Schot 2p: 45.2 % (42-19), 3p: 40.0 % (25-10) ft: 77.8 % (18-14)

rebounds: 34 (13 ar), steals: 17, assists: 9, turnovers: 12, blocks: 2, fouten: 24

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Gara 4

MPC-EiffelTowers 72-71

In Game #4 of the Dutch finals, MPC pulled out a last second win in a dramatic fashion, with a nice story line, winning by the score of 72-71. With the score 72-69 in favor of MPC, Eiffel's Jos Frederiks (194-F/G-76, agency: Court Side) apparent game-tying three-pointer with 0:07 left in regulation was changed to a two-pointer when it was ruled by referee Karel Kraaijeveld that Frederiks' foot was on the line, thus allowing MPC to tie the series at 2-2. It was a hard fought affair, with MPC taking an early edge in the 1st quarter (19-8 start, 25-17 1st quarter lead), but Eiffel picked up their defense and played an uptempo game to take a 34-33 halftime lead. But Eiffel were vulnerable to the dribble drive game of MPC, particularly defending Travis Young (184-G-79, agency: Court Side, college: Marshall), who scored a game-high 23 pts. Eiffel's sharpshooter Gert Kullamae (196-G-71) found his rhythm, making five three-pointers to keep Eiffel close. Kullamae would make an intentional foul on Ramiz Suljanovic (206-F/C-79, agency: R.H.Consultancy) to put him on the line in the last seconds. Suljnaovic, a poor free throw shooter, would make one of two free throws, which, in light of the final offensive scoring figures of both teams, would become the most important point of the game for MPC. While both teams also had difficulties establishing a midrange game, with nearly identical scoring numbers (both teams making 17 total field goals each, 11 three-pointers each, 64 total shots MPC, 61 for Eiffel), both teams struggled badly at the free throw line (5-11 for MPC, 4 for 12 Eiffel), which proves my point.

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Finali (al meglio delle 7):

EiffelTowers Den Bosch - MPC Groningen 3-3

Gara 5

Eiffel Towers-MPC

In Game #5 Tuesday night in the Maaspoort, a strong 3rd quarter effort from Eiffel Towers helped Eiffel pull away, going on to win by the score of 91-78 and one win from the Dutch championship. Estonian sharpshooter Gert Kullamae (196-G-71) , shut down the first three games of the series, for the second consecutive game had the radar locked in, to the tune of a game-high 31 pts., including 8 of 12 three-pointers, with "Snoop" Sam Jones (188-G-78, college: Northwood) proving his value and worth with 24 pts. and 8 rebounds. Eiffel also did an excellent job defensively during the 3rd quarter run, as well as drawing fouls on key MPC inside performers Travis Reed (203-C-79, agency: Court Side, college: Long Beach St.) and Ramiz Suljanovic (206-F/C-79, agency: R.H.Consultancy). As has been the case throughout the series, the team that rebounds the best is usually the team that wins, and Eiffel did its job in that department (41-35 edge) as well as making more than half their three-point attempts (12 of 22) and their free throws (15 of 20). Daniel Novak (201-F/G-78, agency: Interperformances) led MPC with 18 pts. and Reed had 14. Eiffel will have the chance tomorrow night in the Martiniplaza to slam the nail in the coffin and bring the Dutch title back to Den Bosch for the first time since 1997.

Gara 6

MPC-Eiffel Towers 83-75

In the Martiniplaza on Thursday night, MPC Capitals pulled themselves off the wall, winning 83-75 to tie the series at 3-3 and set up a winner-take-all affair on Saturday night in the Maaspoort. Travis Young (184-G-79, agency: Court Side, college: Marshall) led all scorers with 24 pts., with Daniel Novak (201-F/G-78, agency: Interperformances) adding 14, and Ramiz Suljanovic (206-F/C-79, agency: R.H.Consultancy) scoring 13 pts. with 8 rebounds. MPC built a 62-48 lead by the end of the 3rd quarter thanks to threes from Young, Chris McGuthrie (174-G-74, college: Mt.St.Mary's) and Tom Timmermans (213-C-81, college: Notre Dame), and kept Eiffel within arm's length from there. "Snoop" Sam Jones (188-G-78, college: Northwood) continued his strong play with 22 pts. and 5 assists to lead Eiffel, with Leon Rodgers (199-F-80, agency: Naiditch Entertainment, college: N.Illinois) adding 15 pts. and 8 rebounds and Gert Kullamae (196-G-71) with 14 pts. Game #7 will be for all the marbles, with Eiffel having the opportunity to bring the title back to Den Bosch for the first time in 10 years and MPC its second title in three years.

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Gara 7

EiffelTowers-MPC 78-68

Kwartstanden: 21-20 / 18-21 / 16-17 / 23-10

Top scorers EiffelTowers: Rodgers 23, Jones 19, Frederiks 15. Kullamae 10

Top rebounders: Rodgers 12, Gomes 8, Nelson 5

Assists: Kullamae 6. Steals: Jones 6. Turnovers: Rodgers 4. Blocks: 4 spelers 1.

Schot 2p: 65.6 % (32-21), 3p: 37.5 % (24-9) ft: 52.9 % (17-9)

rebounds: 36 (9 ar), steals: 11, assists: 15, turnovers: 15, blocks: 4, fouten: 20

Top scorers MPC: Young 15, Suljuanovic 13, Kriisa 9

Top rebounders: Reed 8, Suljanovic 8, Kriisa 4

Assists: Kriisa 3. Steals: Melderis 5. Turnovers: Kriisa, Reed, Suljanovic 3. Blocks: McGuthrie 1.

Schot 2p: 46.7 % (45-21), 3p: 26.3 % (19-5) ft: 68.8 % (16-11)

rebounds: 33 (14 ar), steals: 18, assists: 7, turnovers: 13, blocks: 1, fouten: 21

Dutch FEB Finals: Eiffel Towers Win Dutch Title!!! - May. 28, 2006

It seemed like old times in the Maaspoort Sunday afternoon, with the Dutch championship trophy returning to Den Bosch, as Eiffel Towers put together a strong 4th quarter performance, winning Game #7 and the Dutch title over MPC Capitals 78-68. It was a tight 1st half affair, with MPC leading 41-39, and in the beginning of the 2nd half, it appeared that MPC would start to seize control of the tempo, thanks to the dribble driving of Travis Young (184-G-79, agency: Court Side, college: Marshall), who gave Eiffel trouble with his dribble-drive skills. Young found his way into the heart of Eiffel's defense by scoring himself or finding open teammates. But the Eiffel duo of "Snoop" Sam Jones (188-G-78, college: Northwood) and Jos Frederiks (194-F/G-76, agency: Court Side) did some counterattacking of their own, and together with Dutch FEB MVP Leon Rodgers (199-F-80, agency: Naiditch Entertainment, college: N.Illinois), kept Eiffel within striking distance at the end of the 3rd quarter.

In the 4th quarter Rodgers and Frederiks simply took control, first with Rodgers making a step-back jumper, followed by a steal and layup, then Frederiks made two three-pointers that gave Eiffel the momentum swing that they would not relinquish. MPC hit a scoring drought, and during the drought made bad decisions with the ball, had trouble finishing plays close to the basket, and a midrange game was needed but missing. MPC were also too predictable on offenseand had very little offensive flow or rhythm. Eiffel also crashed the offensive boards hard, with a Jones basket that gave Eiffel a cushion at 67-60. Eiffel milked the clock within the last four minutes drawing fouls and Rodgers, cool and calm as ever, came up with the money points, hitting a layup and making two free throws that gave Eiffel breathing room at 71-64 with 1:42 to play. A Rodgers layup, two free throws by Gert Kullamae (196-G-71), and a Frederiks layup were the nails in the coffin. Rodgers led all scorers with 23 pts. and he also grabbed 12 rebounds. Jones added 19 with Frederiks scoring 15. Young led MPC with 15 pts. Eiffel shot 65.6% from the field. Congratulations to Eiffel head coach Randy Wiel and to the Eiffel Towers organization!

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