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Tutto il mondo è paese

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Leggo oggi che l'NBA ha squalificato per un turno Stoudemire e Diaw dei Phoenix Suns "per aver oltrepassato di pochi centimetri l'area tecnica in occasione del fallo di Horry su Nash" che è valso l'espulsione di Big Shot Rob (cui hanno comminato due giornate) e una tranvata :flowers: sul canadese abbastanza criminale.

Francamente, mi pare una decisione "italiana"...

Io che pur sono un fan del caraibico, speravo di vedere Phoenix vincere il titolo per il gioco spumeggiante che offre. Vedere la "finale anticipata" stravolta da una decisione cosi' mi fa veramente schifo.

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Suns owner Robert Sarver said it was "unbelievable" that his team would end up paying a higher price for the incident than San Antonio would, especially since Stoudemire and Diaw didn't come close to any contact with the Spurs.

"The way this worked out for us was I believe extremely unfair," Sarver said. "As an owner next year, that will be the first thing on my agenda -- to see how that rule is applied, because the team that plays dirty should not be rewarded and the team that plays fair should not be penalized."

Unless the rule is changed, the NBA has no choice, Jackson said.

"We don't want to be in a position where we're determining the outcome of a series," Jackson said during a conference call. "However, we always have to be in the position of enforcing the rule, and this rule is clear. It's a bright line. Historically, if you break it you get suspended regardless of what the circumstances are."

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