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DC is the best ^_^

Best regards to ALL Varese Fans

Florian from Germany


Ciao Florian,

it's nice to have you back in our forum !

DJC was fantasctic yesterday night,... fentastic, believe me... ;)

Please, come back again !!

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DeJuan is really tough, Florian.  ;)

He's able to control the game as just a few players do, and He absolutely doesn't suffer the last minutes' dangerous emotions (and the raising temperature of the hot ball...): He's a Winner! ^_^

Thx, Collins!

And above all he is a warranty against full court pressure!!

Seems like years since I felt THIS calm in watching the opposite team pressuring our PM!! ^_^

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Varese è,fortitudo a parte,la squadra più completa del campionato!Non avete nessun buco nel roster.Farete un gran campionato,vi aspetto il 12 novembre,sarà una gran bella partita. :D


non esageriamo... grazie per i complimenti, ma in panchina ricordati che abbiamo sempre allegretti! ;)^_^:D

...dicci chi è Cinghiale !!


roo, dai su, mi sembra lampante!! ^_^^_^

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